In my "Gallery Walk" page, you can view all of the assignments and works that I have published for the Dowling Course
EDE 6633 - "Video and Telecommunication for the Classroom"

Here is an introduction about myself - Tim Quinn's Biography Screencast Introduction

Assignments for EDE 6633
My Response Papers based on Teaching in the 21st Century
Here is Assignment 1 in Week 1 that was based on
the resources of 21st Century Education
This is my response and reflection to 21st Century Education

Here is Assignment 2 in Week 2 that was based on
the Flipped Classroom teaching strategy model.
Here is the video about the Flipped Classroom
This is my position paper response based on the Flipped Classroom

Discussions and projects based on different aspects of Web 2.0 Technologies
After viewing the presentation and watching two screencast (Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants - Part 1 & Part 2) and read two article's by Marc Prensky ("Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants" and " "Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom")
Here is the class discussion participation about going From Digital Immigrants to Digital Natives
Creating a Google Reader account after watching videos, I developed a blog about the RSS Feed with the use of Google Reader. Also, my RSS Feeds subscriptions are on my blog page as a "Blog Roll".
Here is my blog page called "Technology in the Classroom"
The next item that we did as a class created a multimedia collaboration page based on the readings of - Multimedia in the Classroom and viewing the screencast, we read and discussed Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms by Will Richardson.
Here is our Multimedia Collaboration Pagebased on those readings and our ideas of how these tools are used in the classroom.
As I was getting more exposure to using Google Reader, we all wrote and reflected with each others experiences of using Google Reader by communicating with our blog pages.
Google Reader blogs by
T.Quinn, L.Tillinghast, & E.Robilotta
To express with my other classmates, I developed a wikipage pointing out how Web 2.0 Tools are specifically geared to my content area in the Library Media Center as a Library Media Specialist
Here is my wikipage based on Library Web 2.0 Tools
We all gave our viewpoints on Richardson's concept of "New Literacies" on the aspect of "what it all means" in the world of educational technology. I also have posted my response to the other classmates thoughts on "New Literacies" too.
Here is the Discussion of Literacy in the Read/Write Web
At this time, I created a Unit of Study using Web 2.0 Technoloiges and incorporating the Flipped Classroom Model.
Here is my Unit Lesson Plan with Web 2.0 Technologies on my wikispace
To Incorporate movie making into the classroom, I developed a page on my wikispace about the video editing software Corel Video Studios Pro x4 for the students to make a video project.
Learn about Corel Video Studios in my 'Making A Movie' Tutorial.
Developing a project based learning activity for students to use multiple skills in researching, information literacy, and movie editing as individual students and as a group to learn and collaborate ideas about a particular decade in American History.
Here is my Project Based Learning Activity - Decades Project for student learning with the use of technology.

I got to communicate by using Google Hangout by via Video Conferencing and following on Twitter to the following participants:

Google Account
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George Mercer
Blog site -
Erin Robilotta
Linda Tillinghast

Here are a List of Resources for EDE 6633 that I used to referred and learn in developing my position papers and projects.

Here is my Narrative Reflection about my learning experiences in course EDE 6633 -"Video and Telecommunication for the Classroom"