As a Library Media Specialist, we all do communicate through different means of communication. I am not only a Library Media Specialist, but also a Part-Time Reference Librarian for an academic college too, so I will refer to both areas when listing to the different web 2.0 tools.

Library Web 2.0 Tools

Web 2.0 Tool
Name of web 2.0 tool website
The use and purpose of the Web 2.0 Tool
This blog that was developed by Helene Blowers has updated library news and new technologies.
School Library Websites:
Examples of Effective Practice
This is an interactive wiki that has great information about school libraries and los serves as a way to connect to other librarians by using web 2.0 technologies.
Podcast index by Library Success and
Slideshare-Screencasting for Librarians
-Library Success is a list of different podcast feeds that is provided by different libraries.
-Slideshare is a multimedia website of video-streaming files, the name of the page is called "Introduction to Screencasting for Librarians"
Online Periodical
eSchool News: Technology News for Today's K-20 Educator
This news website is free to view different articles based on education from Kindergarten to Post-Graduate break throughs and current events.
Social Bookmarking
Classroom 2.0
Classroom 2.0 is a free, community-supported network to collaborate with other educators.
RSS Feed - Google Reader
AASL Blog and
-AASL (American Association of School Libraries) Blog has new information based on school libraries.
-iLibrarian has news and resources on Library 2.0 and the information revolution.
Online Image Maker
This website lets you create an online video with the use of your videos and images. They even have stocked music for you to use in your video.

I hope you check these out and see if this information can assist you in your schools.


Great list of tools. I will forward them along to my school as well.
I thought you might like a different way to share stories, try:
StoryNory Has many free audio stories available.
StoryOnline Has popular stories read aloud by famous actors!
And for your writers...
Kerpoof! Allows students to write their own picture book. They pick from background templates and create pictures and then type in text!